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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

Nick Name: Katy Perry
Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California
Date of Birth: 25 Oct 1984
Age: 34 Years Old
Astrology Sign: Scorpio
Fan Sites:
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While Katy’s personal life has been capturing the headlines over the past few months it is fair to say this girls shows no sign of stopping when it comes to cranking out the hits. Her marriage before the holidays to the incorrigible Russell Brand made headlines everywhere, which made it easy to lose sight of the fact that the girl had California Gurls, Teenage Dream and Firework, all sitting at the top of the charts at the same time. It is fair to say that Katy Perry continues to rock the music world as one of the, if not the, most successful and dynamic new faces on the scene.

Katy Perry is also on tour at the moment with stops in North America, Europe, Australasia (including both Australia New Zealand) and Japan. The 26 year old pop diva has come a long way from her days on the streets of California. Katy was born to evangelist parents and heard only gospel music as a girl growing up in Santa Barbara. In fact her first gigs were from the ages of 9 to 17 when she sang gospel in church.

Apart from her famous marriage and her great music, Katy Perry is probably best known for her zany wardrobe. It isn’t as nuts as Lady Gaga but she certainly has a very original fashion sense. She plays with costumes and in many of her videos really goes to town, think Snoop Dog and squirting whip cream containers! There is no doubt Katy loves the attention, on her official site she goes so far as to say, “I definitely want to be in everybody’s dreams at all times until I get to Liz Taylor’s age when I’m not in your dreams anymore, and I’m just a diva!” Well Katy, we want that for you too.

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